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Potomac State College
WVU Morgantown's new, phased return to campus delays the start of class to August 26. However, WVU Potomac State College and WVU Tech will still be moving forward with in-person classes on August 19. Visit the Return to Campus website for the latest.


No matter your destination, you’ll find your path at WVU Potomac State College. During our campus closure, we continue to focus on affordability with options like the 外网加速器 v1.6.18.1227 最新版下载-QQ下载站:2021年2月20日 - 外网加速器是一款相当优秀的实用型网游加速器工具,外网加速器全面支持当下热门火爆...女神联盟2手机版游戏 nba2k18手游 热血格斗传说手游 剑神传说..., (tuition-free college) and have added online majors and other 永久免费外网加速器 to help you start your journey.

Visit the Return to Campus website  Use West Virginia Invests to Receive a Tuition-Free Education 

 Attend a Virtual Student Orientation  Our Majors   手机外网加速器  




Your future is wide open. Where do you want to end up? Do you even know at this point? One thing’s for certain – you’ll need a college that helps you realize what’s possible.   You’ll find that here at WVU Potomac State College.

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Remember to check MiX for campus announcements. In the meantime, find the resources you need in one handy location. 

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At WVU Potomac State College, we recognize the important role that parents and family members play in our students’ success.

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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff play vital roles in WVU Potomac State College’s academic mission, the education of our students. 

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Callie Taylor

Callie Taylor, a WVU Potomac State College alumna from Class of 2017, is putting her passion for agriculture and skills as a marketeer to work. As owner and operator of The Herd Brand, Callie is one motivated entrepreneur doing her part to change the face of agriculture and business. “Through branding, content creation, blog development, social media strategy and more, I’m helping agricultural brands communicate better.”

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  • WVU Potomac State College's Return-to-Campus Plans Remain Unchanged
  • McVicker to serve as executive director of finance and operations at WVU Potomac State College
  • Student Experience Dean Lucas Taylor Invites All to PSC's Campus Conversation Thursday, July 23, at 2 p.m.
  • NJCAA updates plan of action, moves fall sports to spring semester
  • WVU Potomac State College’s New Exercise Physiology Major Gives Students Multiple Options
  • WVU outlines health and safety protocols for the Return to Campus
  • WVU Board OKs reduced budget for coming fiscal year
  • Gee announces first steps in WVU’s efforts to address campus racial shortcomings
  • Celebrating and Reflecting on Juneteenth: A Message from Vice President Meshea L. Poore, Esq.
  • Ray Kiddy named WVU Potomac State College athletic director



WVU to temporarily suspend in-person classes after spring break, move to online model

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